Care for Spring Buds and "Sheng Sheng" for Love --Zhongsheng Group donated 4 million RMB to help prevent and control the epidemic in Zhuanghe

中升集团 2021-12-30 16:27:05

After the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported in Zhuanghe on November 3, the city united to fight the epidemic. In less than a month, the whole city of Dalian was classified as  a low-risk area, and the city's primary and secondary schools restored normal teaching order from December 6.

Great love without borders, unity in the fight against the epidemic. As an enterprise headquartered in Dalian, under the new normal of the epidemic, in order to help build a firm line of defense against epidemic in schools, Zhongsheng Group donated 4 million RMB to the Municipal Charity Federation to purchase epidemic prevention materials specifically for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Zhuanghe City, for the prevention and control of epidemic among teachers and students after classes were resumed.

On the morning of December 29, in front of Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone Sinopharm Instrument Management Service Co., Ltd, Zhongsheng Group and the Municipal Charity Federation held a brief ceremony for the departure of the donated materials. At the ceremony, Li Yuanhua, deputy general manager of Zhongsheng Group,presented the donation plate to the Municipal Charity Federation on behalf of the enterprise. Zhou Jianxin, vice president of the Municipal Charity Federation, issued a donation certificate to Zhongsheng Group, a caring enterprise. Afterward, 12 caravans of epidemic prevention materials loaded with love departed from Dalian to Zhuanghe City. The supplies mainly included a thermographic temperature measuring device for the hall, infrared handheld forehead temperature guns, protective clothing, N95 masks, protective masks, ordinary medical masks, disposable gloves, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, etc.

Li Yuanhua, deputy general manager of Zhongsheng Group, said in his speech, "As a private enterprise grown up locally in Dalian, it is our duty to do our part and make a contribution. We hope that the company's good deeds can play a role in providing health protection for the resumption of school classes after the epidemic in Zhuanghe City and working together to prevent and control the epidemic." Zhou Jianxin, vice president of the Municipal Charity Federation, expressed his heartfelt thanks to Zhongsheng Group for its act of love and said that the love materials would be distributed to the schools in Zhuanghe City as soon as possible so that the donated materials can play their due role in the epidemic prevention and control work.

As a leading global automotive leadership group, Zhongsheng Group has been actively fulfilling its social responsibility and committing to charity since its founding in 1998. From school donations to disaster donations, the enterprise has been upholding the value of doing its best to feed the community and serve customers and society. "Zhongsheng Group, a lifelong partner," Zhongsheng has been practicing its social responsibility with selfless contribution, and its dedication and commitment of "never absent at critical moments" has been recognized by all sectors of society.