中升集团 2022-05-24 12:04:52

(23 May 2022, Hong Kong) Zhongsheng Group Holdings Limited ("Zhongsheng Group" or "the Company", together with its subsidiaries, “the Group", stock code: 881.HK) is pleased to announce that the Company has been officially included as a constituent of the Hang Seng Index, becoming one of 69 blue chips, according to the results of the quarterly review of the Hang Seng Family of Indexes in the first quarter published by Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited, and the relevant changes will take effect on 13 June 2022.


The Hang Seng Index, one of the world’s top five stock indexes, has been an important indicator reflecting the performance of the Hong Kong stock market since its launch in 1969. The constituent stocks of Hang Seng Index are required to meet strict standards in terms of market capitalisation and trading turnover, and must be among top 90% of all listed ordinary shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in terms of total market capitalisation and trading turnover. Eligible stocks entered the primary election and were then selected based on their rankings in terms of market capitalisation and trading turnover, market representation and other factors. As of the close of trading on May 20, the total market capitalisation of Zhongsheng Group was approximately HK$125,341 million.


Since its listing in 2010, the Company has continued to forge ahead, and has been recognized by the industry for its steady business development, and has gained a good reputation. The inclusion of the Company in Hang Seng Index as a blue chip has fully reflected the recognition by the capital market for the Company's long-term and steady operation, profitability and development potential, and demonstrated the Company's leading position in the national automobile dealer industry and the capital market.


In terms of performance, the Company achieved operating revenue of RMB175,103.1 million in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 18.0%; net profit attributable to the parent company of RMB8,329.0 million, a substantial increase of 50.3%; and basic earnings per share of RMB3.56. 


In terms of business strategy, the Company has been able to strengthen its position in the capital market, with excellent and stable performance, through continuous efforts to expand its market share in the luxury car market and enhance its core competitiveness. In March 2022, the Company acquired 100% equity of Zung Fu China from Jardine Matheson Group, a milestone project in China's automobile dealer industry.


With its excellent performance, good credit record, healthy financial status and steady business development, the Company has been awarded the stable outlook investment ratings by the three major international rating agencies, namely, Fitch, Moody's and Standard & Poor's. In April 2022, Moody's upgraded the Company's rating to Baa2 with a stable outlook. In addition, relying on its industry-leading advantages, the Company has been continuously optimising its sales terminals and improving its service quality in recent years. The ESG rating has been repeatedly improved and it has been included in the "SHS Brand Consumption 50" Index, with optimistic development potential.


The inclusion of Zhongsheng Group as a constituent stock of Hang Seng Index during the reform of Hang Seng Index is the affirmation and trust of the capital market for the Company's strength, which will further enhance the Company's stock liquidity and brand awareness, bring more capital to the Company, expand and enrich the Company's investor base, and help the Company achieve a new round of leap in performance. Looking forward, the Company will adhere to the market-oriented development strategy of placing equal emphasis on scale advantage and efficiency improvement, continue to improve the dealer network, grasp its core brand advantage, and strengthen its leading position in the industry to create long-term returns for shareholders.